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 Episode 17: Something I Can Never Have

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feminin Numarul mesajelor : 846
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Localizare : Bucharest
Data de inscriere : 10/08/2010

MesajSubiect: Episode 17: Something I Can Never Have   Joi Aug 12, 2010 3:43 am

Niki turns up with a court decision in absentia awarding her custody of Jenny- Andy offers Jake legal help as fleeing is loosing. Lucas goes to his ma now the truth is out but decides to stay with Dan as he considers himself the enemy's only weak spot. Keith feels betrayed by everyone; Dan can't resist gloriously admitting having set him up and is physically assaulted. Brooke dreads her impeding departure and realizes she may stay with a friend; Peyton is willing, but her parents refuse. Anna turns Felix in to the principal for writing dike on Peytons locker, with disastrous results: he is dumped by Brooke, his parents send him to military school, and Anna even blames him for not knowing she's the lesbian. Nathan drives to where Haley tours, pours out his heart ready to do everything for their marriage, but only hears she wasn't ready and right now the show comes first, so he returns. Lucas makes Brookes year: Karen and he take her in. Keith leaves, anywhere and maybe forever.
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Episode 17: Something I Can Never Have

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