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 Episode 13: The Hero Dies in This One

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feminin Numarul mesajelor : 846
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Data de inscriere : 10/08/2010

MesajSubiect: Episode 13: The Hero Dies in This One   Joi Aug 12, 2010 3:40 am

Brooke plans her presidential campaign with Felix; her opponent is confident, never-defeated Erica Marsh, who lives for the job. Dan asks Lucas to move in with him while offering Keith to pay for a grand wedding with Jules. Nathan discovers lovers e-mail to Chris from Haley on their computer, believes her most are from Taylor and they decide the stirring sister must leave. Jake is back for good, moves in with Peyton and asks coach for a good word at school. Erika plays the campaign dirty, so Brooke decides to pull all the stops and asks Lucas to write her a killer speech- he suggest a J.F. Kennedy address. At the club Tric, Chris Kelly is back, as artist opening act; he also dares Nathan about Haleys love, and once the main act 'the Wreckers' has asked him along on their tour invites Haley to join them- she tells Nathan she wants to, solely as a unique career opportunity, and is told to choose: the tour or him, and yet she goes. Karen fails to stop Lucas moving to Dan or at least find out why: he will pay for Lucas' medication, as he was not tested negative but showed her Keiths results.
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Episode 13: The Hero Dies in This One

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